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Benefits of Tungsten steel, magnetic therapy, germanium, titanium and also anion
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Products Titanium Sports


This powerful sports necklace embedded with germanium + Anions + Magnetic Minerals is a favorite device worn by athletes and sportsman. It help to restrict oxidation of body cells, strengthen immune system, improve blood circulation, relieves pain, anti-inflammation, improves vascular system and adds more oxygen to our body. It is also waterproof. The minerals and its functions found in this necklace are as follows:-

     Minerals                        Functions
  1. Magnet                       To promote blood circulation and general well being
  2. Germanium                 To neutralize cancer causing cell
  3. Ion negative                To increase oxygen level in our body
  4. Infra mineral               To neutralize radio and microwave attacking our body

Titanium Sports Necklace

Titanium Sports Bracelet