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Benefits of Tungsten steel, magnetic therapy, germanium, titanium and also anion
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Products Magnetic Bracelet


Get this Bio-magnetic for some therapy and yet looks good as a fashion accessory. As stated by Dr. R.T. Jacobs, "The effects of Bio-magnetism on Living Systems", Bio-magnetic therapy is safe and without side effects. It improves blood circulation and energy levels, controls diabetes and cholesterol levels, relieves effects of rheumatism, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, migraine, swellings and inflammation. Criss Bio-magnetic Jewellery is crafted from high quality stainless steel (316L) with natural earth magnets (neodymium with 2,500 till 3,000 gauss) that help to enhance the body's natural healing process.

Do not use magnetic bracelet if you are wearing a pacemaker, implanted electromagnetic device and during pregnancy.


Tungstun Carbite Bio Magnetic Bracelet

Ceramic Bio Magnetic Bracelet

316 Stainless Steel Bio-magnetic Bracelet for Men

Titanium Bio-magnetic Bracelet For Ladies

Titanium Bio-magnetic Bracelet For Men

316 Stainless Steel Bio-magnetic Bracelet for Ladies